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Terms and Conditions:

Prairie Ridge Taxidermy will not accept any specimens without a deposit (cash or check only) of at least 50% of the price of the mount before taxes.  A receipt will be issued upon payment of the deposit.  Deposits are non-refundable.  There is a $100 fee for a returned check.  The remaining balance plus tax for the entire cost of the mount is due upon completion of the mount.  All final payments must be made in cash

There is a cancellation fee of $250.00 for a shoulder mount and $50.00 for an antler mount.

Due to the many variable circumstances from the time the specimen died until the time the specimen was received, Prairie Ridge Taxidermy is not responsible for mishandled or damaged specimens.  If Prairie Ridge Taxidermy determines that a specimen is not suitable for mounting, Prairie Ridge Taxidermy will notify the customer.  Prairie Ridge Taxidermy can obtain replacement capes.  The cost of a replacement cape will be determined by the current market price for a specific cape size.

Prairie Ridge Taxidermy reserves the right to make reasonable changes and/or substitutions in order to complete a mount. If changes and/or substitutions result in additional charges, the customer will be notified prior to making any changes and/or substitutions.

Prairie Ridge Taxidermy will contact the customer by phone and/or by mail when the mount is complete. The customer will call 507-458-0710 to schedule an appointment to pick up the mount. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform Prairie Ridge Taxidermy should the customer’s address and/or phone number change.

Mounts will not be released under any circumstances until the remaining balance due (including sales tax) is paid in full. All final payments must be made in cash. A receipt will be issued upon final payment.

Mounts not picked up within 30 days of notification by certified mail will become the property of Prairie Ridge Taxidermy.

Prairie Ridge Taxidermy is not responsible for damage to a mount after the customer has picked up the mount.

Privacy Policy:

We take your privacy seriously and do not share your information with 3rd parties. Nor do we store your sensitive information on our servers.

Thank you for your business!
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